As the 2018 midterm elections approach, I think an incredibly important question every voter must wrestle with is this: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

What do you want for your family?

What do you want for your country?

What do you want from politicians?

The GDP is currently higher than Unemployment.

What about that is NOT good?

Fewer people are on food stamps. Do you believe that is good?

The hostility in this country between the left and the right feels like the worst in my lifetime. Each side sees the other and angry, hostile and divisive. The Kavanaugh hearings illustrated that powerfully.

Women on the left don’t feel heard. Women on the right want to know their husbands, sons, and fathers are not subject to destruction because a woman makes a claim against them with not a single shred of evidence other than her word.

Where is the bridge between us?

This is what we want to encourage everyone to do:

  • Ask questions and clarify what you want for your life, your family and your country.
  • Never call anyone names. Ever. Talk about ideas and outcomes, but don’t make it personal or take things personally.
  • Pick up your own trash, literally and figuratively. While I may not be a proponent of global warming theology (the environment is a god to some) I do believe that every one of us should want to get rid of litter and unnecessary pollution. Stewarding our world with excellence matters.
  • Be as generous as you can to the things that matter to you.

Vote for conservative candidates. Praise progress where progress is. And be kind to those who disagree.